• Baseball Tailgating Tips
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    Tailgating Tips for Baseball Games

    In the Midwest, summer means a few particular things: cookouts, lawn games, and enjoying America’s favorite pastime, baseball. To truly enjoy the baseball season, many fans tailgate the games, loading up the car with food, drinks, and fan gear for a fun day out in the sun. To make the most of your tailgating experience, here are some baseball tailgating tips. Arrive early: If it’s nice out, chances are you’ll be jockeying for a spot in the parking lot, so arrive at the tailgating festivities early — plan on 2 to 3 hours before the game. In addition, make sure the lot you choose allows tailgating and follow whatever rules…

  • Ford Trade-In
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    Get the Most for Your Trade-In Vehicle

    Your trade-in vehicle can help reduce the amount financed or act as a down payment on your next new vehicle. Here are a few tips to help you get the most for your trade-in vehicle. Detailing Getting your car professionally detailed is a great way to raise its value. Fix small scratches and other minor flaws. Although detailing can cost a few hundred dollars, the increase in your car’s value is often worth the expense. Maintenance Keeping up with routine maintenance at a dealership creates a service record that shows how well the vehicle was cared for. Regularly clean out the interior of your vehicle—vacuum fabric upholstery, wash the glass…

  • Road Trip Puppy
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    Tips on Packing Your Car for a Road Trip

    If the arrival of warm weather has ignited your wanderlust, you might be dreaming up a spring or summer road trip. These tips will help you when packing your car for a road trip so you can do it in a way that’s efficient, comfortable, and smart. Store Bulky Items Outside the Vehicle You’ll want to keep the cabin as clear as possible for the sake of the passenger’s comfort. Invest in accessories that will let you carry bikes and other bulky equipment on the outside of your car. Pack Clothes in Soft Bags Hard suitcases might be ideal for air travel, but when it comes to packing your car…

  • Winter Car Care- Check Your Tires
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    Avoid Winter Weather Damage on Your Car

    Here in Illinois, winter can be long and harsh, and we have already seen the first signs. If you want to avoid winter weather damage on your car, here are a few tips to follow. Check Your Tires Tires with too little tread or not enough air pressure, will not have the traction they need when the roads get slick. Inspect your tires regularly to look for signs of wear. You can even consider switching to winter tires to get the best traction. Salty Aftermath The roads around here are regularly salted whenever bad weather comes. This salt ends up all over your car. If left there, it can cause…

  • Family Holiday Dinner
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    Best Ways To Transport Christmas Dishes

    If Christmas simply cannot go on without your famous scalloped potatoes, then you had better make sure that you transport them securely! Use these tips to transport Holiday dishes with success this season. Pad for Protection A good way to secure a dish, whether it be warm or cold, is by placing it inside of a cardboard box. You can then surround the dish with towels if it’s warm or newspaper if it’s cold. These things will help secure it and keep it at its intended temperature. Use the Floor Setting dishes on a car’s seat is a bad idea, even if it’s buckled in! Instead, place dishes on the…