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Tips on Packing Your Car for a Road Trip

If the arrival of warm weather has ignited your wanderlust, you might be dreaming up a spring or summer road trip. These tips will help you when packing your car for a road trip so you can do it in a way that’s efficient, comfortable, and smart.

Store Bulky Items Outside the Vehicle

You’ll want to keep the cabin as clear as possible for the sake of the passenger’s comfort. Invest in accessories that will let you carry bikes and other bulky equipment on the outside of your car.

Pack Clothes in Soft Bags

Hard suitcases might be ideal for air travel, but when it comes to packing your car for a road trip, soft bags are better. Pack your clothes in backpacks or duffel bags so you can fit more bags in the cargo area.

Be Prepared

You know you’ll be on the road, so bring everything you need for life on the open highway. Expect spills and messes, and be prepared with wet wipes, bags for garbage, and paper towels. Remember to bring a car charger for your devices as well.

Don’t Forget Entertainment

Road trips are always better with the perfect playlist or a fun audiobook. Bring plenty of entertainment, like podcasts, music, or toys for the kids.

Contact us at Reynolds Ford, if you need more suggestions on how to maximize cabin space during a road trip.

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