Winter Car Care- Check Your Tires
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Avoid Winter Weather Damage on Your Car

Here in Illinois, winter can be long and harsh, and we have already seen the first signs. If you want to avoid winter weather damage on your car, here are a few tips to follow.

Check Your Tires

Tires with too little tread or not enough air pressure, will not have the traction they need when the roads get slick. Inspect your tires regularly to look for signs of wear. You can even consider switching to winter tires to get the best traction.

Salty Aftermath

The roads around here are regularly salted whenever bad weather comes. This salt ends up all over your car. If left there, it can cause some of the metal components on your car to corrode. You should wash your car regularly during the winter months to help clean that salt off. Pay particular attention to your car’s underbody.

Test Your Battery

Cold temperatures can cause an already weak battery to fail. Have your battery tested to see how much life it has left. If it is four winter weather or older, you might want to consider just getting a new one.

If you do have some damage on your car, you can trust us at Reynolds Motor Co to take care of your ride and get it back in good shape.

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