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Best Ways To Transport Christmas Dishes

If Christmas simply cannot go on without your famous scalloped potatoes, then you had better make sure that you transport them securely! Use these tips to transport Holiday dishes with success this season.

Pad for Protection

A good way to secure a dish, whether it be warm or cold, is by placing it inside of a cardboard box. You can then surround the dish with towels if it’s warm or newspaper if it’s cold. These things will help secure it and keep it at its intended temperature.

Use the Floor

Setting dishes on a car’s seat is a bad idea, even if it’s buckled in! Instead, place dishes on the floor or in the trunk. You can place a non-slip shelf liner beneath the dish to help keep it from sliding around.

Invest in Travel Dishes

There are plenty of dishes designed specifically for travel. If you find yourself transporting food a few times a year, it’s probably worth it to buy a separate dish for this purpose. A fitted lid can make all the difference!

Save the Pie

Keep your pie protected by covering its top with an extra pie tin. Then, wrap the whole thing in foil and place it in a secure place for the trip.

A good ride is essential to transporting your potluck dishes. Come talk to us at Reynolds Motor Co. if your current vehicle isn’t up for the task.

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