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Get the Most for Your Trade-In Vehicle

Your trade-in vehicle can help reduce the amount financed or act as a down payment on your next new vehicle. Here are a few tips to help you get the most for your trade-in vehicle.


Getting your car professionally detailed is a great way to raise its value. Fix small scratches and other minor flaws. Although detailing can cost a few hundred dollars, the increase in your car’s value is often worth the expense.


Keeping up with routine maintenance at a dealership creates a service record that shows how well the vehicle was cared for. Regularly clean out the interior of your vehicle—vacuum fabric upholstery, wash the glass windows, and dust hard surfaces. Frequently wash your vehicle, especially when it gets visibly dirty, to help prevent rust damage. And don’t forget to wash the undercarriage, as well, since accumulating debris can corrode your vehicle’s parts. Ensuring your car is in the best condition possible will help you to get the highest trade-in price for it.

Give it a final cleaning

Make sure to give your vehicle a deep clean right before you take it to the dealership to trade it in. (And don’t forget to remove personal items from the interior and trunk!) A clean car has curb appeal — this quality will help increase the price the dealership gives you for it.

Contact us at Reynolds Ford if you have more questions about the trade-in process or what documentation you need to bring when trading in your vehicle.

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